Does your fiber access tool have the x-factor?

25th January, 2022

If you’re a fiber optic cable technician or installation engineer, you’ll understand that efficiency is everything. Thanks to advances in fiber optic technology, the need for better connections across homes and businesses, towns and cities, and the rollout of a full fiber 5G mobile broadband network, your skills are in high demand – and you need to work fast.

Your tools should never slow you down

When speed is of the essence, having the right tools for the job can make all the difference to your working day. But when you’re out in the field you also need to consider how much you want to carry with you; you don’t want your tools to slow you down. This is where tools that are both lightweight and flexible become invaluable  – especially if making the right choice means you only have to carry one tool instead of several.

An essential piece of kit for anyone working with fiber optic cables is a mid-span access tool. An effective mid-span access tool will allow you to quickly and easily access the fibers within buffer tubes in a mid-span location, without damaging the fiber. Engineers might typically carry multiple tools of this type, to cater for different cable diameters. However, it’s now possible for engineers that are looking for the ultimate mid-span access tool to find one that’s not only lightweight but also flexible enough to use across a range of cable types up to 5mm in diameter. It’s called the Miller® MSAT-X.

The benefits of choosing the Miller® MSAT-X

At Ripley Tools, we believe in continuously innovating to create tools that not only last longer and offer excellent performance throughout their lifetime, but also help to future proof the toolkits of the skilled people who use them. The new MSAT-X has been built to cope with the demands of a rapidly evolving fiber optics marketplace – and workplace.

The MSAT-X Dual Channel Fiber Access Tool was created and trialled by Ripley Labs and is a new addition to the Miller® tool range. It is able to provide unrivalled flexibility thanks to a uniquely designed loading ramp, which enables cable jackets to be loaded precisely into the same cutting blade without the use of a sizing gauge. 

In fact, everything about the MSAT-X has been designed to make it easier to use and more adaptable to changing requirements. Its versatile deep and shallow cutting channels are color coded for easy identification and its ergonomic shape and lightweight design means it’s simple to work with; hand fatigue simply isn’t an issue. The MSAT-X is a high-quality, durable choice – and because it’s versatile enough to do the job of several mid-span access tools, it’s also a cost-effective one.

The only mid-span access tool you need 

When time is short and budgets are tight, tools like the Miller® MSAT-X are real game-changers for fiber optic cable engineers and the businesses they work for. This is a tool that really does have the X-factor. It’s been extensively tested, from prototype through to a developed product, by experienced engineers; so you can be sure it will offer the performance and durability you need. Its versatility makes it the first mid-span access buffer tube cable shaver of its kind  – and with the ability to safely and accurately shave cabling of any diameter up to 5mm, it’s possibly the only specialised mid-span access tool that you’ll need to carry. 

Discover the MSAT-X 

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