Bridging the Gap: Preparing for the future of fiber

The fibre optic industry is facing an increasing demand to connect, communicate and grow its market world wide – this presents both incredible opportunities and challenges.

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So, how can you prepare?

This forward-thinking whitepaper equips you with the knowledge on how cabling technology has evolved and identifies ways for the industry to meet this demand. Miller share their own predictions on future trends and presents the views of five key industry experts:

  • Andrew Black, Product Manager, AFL Fujikura Telecommunications Europe
  • Martin Warne, Solutions Engineer, OFS Optics
  • Martyn Cook, Director, Cable Telecommunications Training Services
  • Paul Middleton, Chief Engineer’s Office – Rapid Deployment and Innovation Team, BT Openreach
  • Jerry Mills, Chairman, Mills Limited
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Martyn Cook,
Director, Cable telecommunications
Training Services

5 challenges and opportunities for the future of fiber

Our report Bridging the Gap: Preparing for the Future of Fiber takes a closer look at the five following areas, and considers the pressures, challenges and opportunities of each for your business:

Macro demands driving fiber growth

Fiber optic innovations to meet requirements

Educating the next generation of engineering talent

Tomorrow’s cable prep tools

The future

Take advantage of fiber optic market demand increase

The global fiber optic market is growing at an unprecedented rate – and expected to increase by another $197.92 billion by 2026. Our report outlines the incredible opportunities that are available for industry decision-makers

“Finally, efficiency is a non- negotiable. Engineers need tools that can help them get a job done more quickly. Every tool in their kit must be designed to be efficient and easy to use, for repeat performance and high precision.”

Brian Bourgoin

Discover how the future trends affecting fiber impact you

bank notes

Increasingly competitive broadband markets

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More decentralized government infrastructure funding

celular network

Rising interest in multi-access edge commuting and private cellular networks

5g mast

Reassessing cybersecurity and risk management in the 5G era

Bridging the Gap: Preparing for the future of fiber

Future of Fiber report

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