Ripley Tools has acquired Multiwave Sensors

19th May, 2022

Cromwell, CT May 19, 2022 – Ripley Tools has announced its acquisition of Canadian technology company Multiwave Sensors (Bolton, Ontario, Canada). This investment complements the 2017 Optical Design Manufacturing (‘ODM’ in Belmont NH) acquisition made by Ripley Tools, a leading global supplier of tools and test equipment for the wireless, broadband and power utility infrastructure markets. 

Multiwave Sensors is a rapidly growing business with advanced solutions for GPS directional and position measurement used in wireless antenna installation and other markets. It is one of the largest suppliers of antenna alignment solutions based on precise GPS measurement of azimuth, height, and tilt to align radio transmitters for cellular service. The company’s ‘Smart Aligner’ technology has become a standard solution for tower climbers worldwide. 

In parallel with the acquisition by Ripley Tools, Multiwave Sensors has just released an enhanced version of the Smart Aligner. The technology is now the only solution offering access to four Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations with rapid measurement results and the most versatile mounting design to accommodate all cellular and microwave antenna, while allowing for the highest precision and correction for multipath interference. Multiwave Sensors will also offer expanded support and service for worldwide customers, leveraging the Ripley Tools global footprint and its partners. 

The acquisition will enable Ripley Tools to offer a broader suite of advanced and integrated solutions to simplify installation of antennas from alignment through optical fiber connection, including installation tools for power and grounding cables. The company plans to expand the Multiwave brand with additional solutions targeting wireless test and measurement to leverage a growing presence in the cellular tower market. Multiwave Sensors also brings additional imaging and optical engineering design capabilities to Ripley Labs, the worldwide innovation arm of Ripley Tools.

“Mobile phone infrastructure continues to undergo a technology transition to ‘5G’, requiring installation and upgrades of antennas along with more robust network and power interconnections and the deployment of hundreds of thousands of new ‘small cells’ for densification,” said Dr. John Jutila, CEO of Ripley Tools. “We are proud to add Multiwave Sensors to our family of brands to help service this growing market.”

Bruce Clifford, Co-Founder and President of Multiwave Sensors, added: “As a Canadian manufacturer, we are eager to team with Ripley Tools to expand their existing manufacturing footprint while leveraging their global sales and distribution network to grow our business further.” 

Mark Frischman, Co-Founder and CTO of Multiwave Sensors, noted: “Multiwave Sensors’ track record for innovation fits very well with Ripley Tools. We are excited to partner with their award-winning innovation arm, Ripley Labs, to continue to develop new ways to make jobs easier for field technicians and engineers which leverage our proven expertise in precise geolocation measurement based on advanced GPS and laser technologies.” 

Ripley Tools and  Multiwave Sensors will be exhibiting at The Wireless Infrastructure Association Connect (X) conference May 23 – 26. To speak to an expert from the Ripley Tools family, visit booth 503.

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About Ripley Tools

Ripley Tools (, founded in 1936, is a leading global manufacturer of tools and test equipment for mission critical utility professionals installing and maintaining power, broadband and wireless infrastructure. The company is based on Cromwell, Connecticut (USA) with facilities in New Hampshire (USA), Canada, and the United Kingdom. Ripley Labs, the worldwide innovation center for Ripley Tools, provides advanced design, prototyping and production of new solutions for the company and partners with inventors, cable manufacturers, OEMs and other technology partners to being new innovations to market.

About Multiwave Sensors 

Multiwave Sensors (, founded in 1997, develops geolocation and positioning solutions based on precise GPS and laser technologies for the wireless, telecom, and energy markets. The company offers the Smart Aligner solution for precise directional measurement of cellular and microwave antenna, as well as a variety of azimuth pointing systems and laser range finders for oil & gas, mining, defense and other applications.


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